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Privacy Policy

saYellow.com is committed to maintaining high standards for the protection of customer privacy. Recognising the growing concern over privacy on the Internet, saYellow.com will disclose to its customers the types of information obtained, how it is obtained, who uses it, how it is used, how long it is retained and how customers can restrict the use or disclosure of that data. This policy was developed with our customers' interests in mind.

The only individual information saYellow.com obtains about users of this web site is information supplied by the user for a specific purpose. saYellow.com uses the information only for the purpose for which the user submitted it. To gauge the effectiveness of this electronic directory, saYellow.com also tracks the number of users who access the service and some very generic information about its users collectively, such as categories selected, types of businesses searched and general geographic locations accessed.

saYellow.com does not currently use "Cookies" as they are defined below to track information about its users, however some of the companies that advertise on our web site may do so when you click on their links. Cookies are lines of text that are transmitted to your web browser when you click on a link. Your browser stores the information on your hard drive and when you return to that site later, the Cookie is transmitted back to the server that originally sent it to you. Cookies provide a way for a server to recall a previous request from a particular web browser. To be notified when you are about to receive a Cookie you can configure your browser to alert you when a site is attempting to send you a Cookie and at that time you will have the option of refusing the Cookie.

saYellow.com does use an automated method of tracking non-personal information about users' behaviour while in saYellow.com This tracking is never set on the user's hard drive, nor is it stored from visit to visit, but rather only tracks for the current session in saYellow.com All information collected by saYellow.com, such as general heading usage and the number of click-throughs to ads, is currently used for internal purposes and by saYellow.com advertisers only.

saYellow.com periodically runs sponsored sweepstakes and will occasionally send email to consumers who have entered our contests, making them aware of new saYellow.com sweepstakes. However, saYellow.com gives these consumers the option not to receive future mailings. saYellow.com may share mailing lists of contest participants with contest sponsors.

saYellow.com advertiser information may be aggregated for use for purposes determined by saYellow.com Advertisers and potential advertisers may be contacted by customer services, sales, or sales agents for the purposes of verifying customer satisfaction or offering products for purchase.

In order to improve the services it can offer users and advertisers, saYellow.com may opt to expand its capabilities for obtaining information about its electronic directory users. saYellow.com will continually update this privacy statement to ensure that its users and advertisers are aware of any new technologies that are introduced and how they may impact the collection and use of this data.

saYellow.com is committed to safeguarding customer privacy online. We require our employees to protect the privacy of information about our customers and encourage our partners and suppliers to do so as well.

For questions about saYellow.com's privacy policy, please email saYellow.com