Scam Alert

Scam alert: Be wary of unsolicited calls

Suspected scam / company claiming to be saYellow... There's a scam that's targeting small business owners with listings on saYellow. saYellow is NO way affiliated with the company(s) listed below and we do not have any third party representatives.

Businesses of all sizes should be on alert for fake invoices for supposed listings on saYellow or other business directories. While it can be easy to fall for this particular scam, it can also be easy to spot if you know your stuff. You should first do your homework each time you receive an unsolicited invoice for something you don't recognize.


COMPANY: SSKR Madiba Trading (Pty) Ltd t / a Directory Data Services
COMPANY REG NO: 2018 / 546742 / 07
ADDRESS: 30 Ingcuce Street, Durban.
TEL: 087 822 1451 FAX: 086 562 4880 CEL: 081 794 3507.
DOMAIN NAME: yandw.co.za.
LIST OF EMAIL ADDRESSES USED: directoryds@gmail.com; directorydatas@gmail.com; collectionsunit@gmail.com; sskrmt@aol.com; or 2020@yandw.co.za.
AGENTS NAME: Nwabisa or Tammy.
DIRECTOR of the company according to CIPC: Ismail Kamroonesa.

Anyone who believes they might be the target of a phone scam please contact saYellow at (082) 515-1051 or send an email to legal@sayellow.com.

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