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Content policy

saYellow.com, is committed to maintaining high content standards for its customers' protection, comfort and peace of mind. Recognising the growing concern over adult content on the World Wide Web, saYellow.com discloses to its customers, both users and advertisers, the types of information accessible and permissible on saYellow.com

saYellow.com is not responsible and shall not have liability for any of the listings or advertisements contained in saYellow.com saYellow.com does not warrant, endorse or guarantee any products or services advertised in saYellow.com and is not party to any transaction between you and any advertiser or other listed party. However, saYellow.com advertisers represent and warrant that any advertising, including links, does not contain any material which is obscene or indecent, excessively violent, defamatory, fraudulent, or deceptive, or which is intended to harass, threaten or intimidate or infringe on copyright and trademarks. saYellow.com provides World Wide Web business advertising, and serves primarily as a content provider. saYellow.com's policy is that indecent or offensive advertisements are not accepted.

saYellow.com determines in its sole discretion what is allowed to appear in advertising. saYellow.com does alert users when they click on categories that may contain adult material (e.g., Escort Services) that minors and those offended by adult content should return to the homepage.

saYellow.com does not accept links to sites it finds objectionable, and retains the right to remove any ad or links. saYellow.com editorial content pages, do not include adult or offensive content. saYellow.com provides links to other websites. These sites are not owned or controlled by saYellow.com, and neither is saYellow.com is affiliated with these sites. saYellow.com does so only for the convenience of web users, and is not responsible for the content of other sites.

saYellow.com does not endorse, sponsor, warrant or guarantee the products or services described or offered in these other websites. Although saYellow.com does screen these sites prior to linking, content on linked sites can change without saYellow.com's knowledge and saYellow.com does not monitor the linked sites.

For questions or comments about saYellow.com's Content Policy, please email saYellow.com