Johannesburg, South Africa
4'S / 9'S / 10'S / 18'S / 24'S / 48'S / 60'S / 72'S All packs sizes (retail and wholesale). Virgin 1 ply, virgin 2 ply recycled garage rolls, all sizes. Decka rolls X8 reflex towels X6 reflex towels X6 2PLY serviettes 1PLY 2PLY 1000 / 3000 Multifolds (interlinked paper towels) steel stands printed bags / clear bags RAWS for converting cores. Customized in-house designs and wrappers for branding, all products are SABS approved. Bulk orders of toilet paper for delivery to Outlaying areas, nation wide. Deliveries export licence for brokers. Bee certified. Credit application available. Local deliveries available for 50 bales or more. Wholesale prices available on request via email or contact us for a free quotation today. Open to the public for collection only foreign and domestic trade Welcome when it comes to tissue paper.


Johannesburg, Greater Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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As one of South Africa's favourite household toilet paper brands, we supply everyday tissue paper essentials to you and your family.