26 Vlei Street, Louis Trichardt, South Africa
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Louis Trichardt, Vhembe District, Limpopo Province, South Africa


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Kaap AgriView
We are a retail chain with more than 100 stores across 62 towns and cities throughout South Africa and Namibia offering outdoor products, DIY, paint, irrigation, gardening equipment and horticultural supplies.
  Louis Trichardt
Gingirikani Agri Multipurpose Primary Cooperative LimitedView
Gingirikani Agri Multipurpose is aiming to farm vegetable such okra, Chillies, butternut, Pasture as well as manufacturing the organic compost. We aim to have a Nursery which will produce 95% of its trees and flowers at a very same farm. The above mentioned vegetables will be planted on 2 hectares and a Nursery will be () hector area of land of (4) hectares. Pasture will be planted in 1. The farm was established due to recognized increasing demand for the above mentioned vegetables and lack of employment within Homu and neighbouring villages. Currently the farm's operational Nursery which is operating from a back yard and it is not reaching the target due to lack of resources such as Greenhouse, fencing, water (borehole) , reservoir tanks, drip irrigation system, tractor and other resources that will be needed in the production of the above listed vegetables.
Obaro - GroblersdalView
Our product range includes: irrigation, gardening, hardware, power tools, tractor and other farm implement spares and parts, animal feeds, seed, fertilisers, animal health products, pet food, pet accessories, gardening chemicals, agricultural chemicals and fuel. With this wide variety of products, Obaro's business also extends to the general public.