St Marks Green Crop Primary Co-operative

Lalini Location
South Africa

(083) 208-9790  /   (060) 369-6265

Lalini Location, Cofimvaba, South Africa
Its a Agricultural Primary Co-operative . We will be selling agricultural seeds and proceeds
Category: Animal Feeds



Cofimvaba, Chris Hani District, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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The Co-op is a leading agricultural business in Africa providing products & services to all farming disciplines.
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Our mission is the growth and revitalisation of agriculture in our region. We must meet all the requirements of our stakeholders and farmers, many of whom need to increase their production and so develop into self-sufficient, sustainable farmers. As our farmers develop, they will in turn employ many thousands of previously unemployed people. Providing a regular income to people who are now in a position of hopelessness and dependency will impact fundamentally on our regional economy.
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