National Responsible Gaming Programme

South Africa

(080) 000-6008

Johannesburg, South Africa
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Johannesburg, Greater Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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In-patient rehabilitation for a period of 21 days for substance abuse is a prescribed minimum benefit (PMB) and is covered by most medical aids. Medical aid contributions are dependent on the medical aid scheme and membership plan. Please confirm contributions with your medical aid. Members will be liable for any shortfall which may apply. ** Members will be liable for any shortfall which may apply to the initial 21-days of rehabilitation, as well as the balance of the cost for the extended period of treatment post 21-days. Financial assistance is available through our funding partner, First Health Finance: 0800 212 537; www. fhf. co. za
Addiction Action Campaign (AAC)
Randburg, South Africa
The addiction action campaign is the most informative website in South Africa on all the issues relating to addiction and compulsive behaviours like gambling, sex, food, spending and pornography ETC.
Mount Michael Recovery House
Hilton, South Africa
We offer an in house 28 / 90 day in house recovery programe for those suffering with the disease if addiction. Even though we cannot guarantee anyone's recovery, we strive to place residents in a safe and structured environment so they can have all the tools at their disposal to recover. All of our residents will engage in actively working a 12 Step Recovery Program.
Liberty Home
Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa
It's important to know, you're not on your own. Our professional and experienced rehabilitation team is 100% behind you. We understand that addiction thrives in isolation, but by working together in a safe, nurturing family environment like Liberty Home, you can overcome your habit in our secondary care facility.
Rehab Helper
Cape Town, South Africa
As a wealth of addiction and South African Rehab information, we specialize in finding the best addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers in South Africa for our clients and their loved ones. The Mother City is the most beautiful place to find recovery, surrounded by wonders of nature. The addiction recovery community in South Africa is strong and closely knit, with plenty of support and guidance readily available for recovery addicts from all walks of life. Start your recovery journey today. A life worth living is within reach.
Casino Association of SA
Cape Town, South Africa
The Casino Association of South Africa represents the interests of the country's legal casino gaming industry, as well as the public that the industry serves.