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I am a CPR and FIRST AID Instructor at the GS Psychometric Consultancy We aim to save lives and aid in equipping individuals with the skilled training, in order to be able to assist themselves or others in any type of emergency. I do so at a reasonable price and all successful candidates, thereafter become certified through the Department of Labour, as a First Aider, which is then valid for 3 years thereafter. I would hereby, just like to encourage everyone to take the initiative and make contact with me in order to place their booking. As CPR and FIRST AID is on the rise, ultimately the lack of background knowledge lacks in so many, whereas it could prove the literal difference between life and death. Let us aim to save as many lives as humanly possible and preserve the gift of life, in doing so pertaining to reflect upon the necessity of training within this regard. Educate and better equip your readyness, hence actuality of aided help in any emergency that may arise. Help save lives


Atlantis, Blaauwberg, Cape Town, Cape Metropole, Western Cape, South Africa


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