Families South Africa (Famsa) - Knysna

NO.6 Court Square
21 Spring Street
South Africa

(044) 382-5129

NO.6 Court Square, 21 Spring Street, Knysna, South Africa
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Families South Africa (FAMSA-Knysna) has been operating on the Garden Route since 1989. They have trained counsellors, skilled in all potential problem areas encountered in relationships, marriages, families and communities and are available to give assistance where and when necessary. The counsellors hail from all cultural and language groups and a request can be made for particular requirements. FAMSA Knysna's mission is to build a self-reliant, resilient society, by empowering the individual's capacity to build and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships in the family, and in the community - especially where that capacity is threatened by risk factors such as depression, suicide, rape, domestic violence, crime, substance abuse and HIV / AIDS.



Knysna, Garden Route District, Western Cape, South Africa


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Families South Africa. FAMSA for Families. Our focus is a healthy functional family life which is a national priority.
Families South Africa. FAMSA for Families. Our focus is a healthy functional family life which is a national priority.
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Family and marriage society of South Africa (Famsa)- we empower people to enhance, reconstruct and maintain sound relationships we render professional counselling services to individuals, couples and families, who struggle to cope with life's challenges. Our assistance and support can help you cope with traumatic events and circumstances, relationship challenges, domestic violence, trauma associated with violent crimes, parenting challenges, marriage and family issues as well as other mental health challenges. We also have an employee assistance program, delivering services towards employees in the corporate market. These services aim to assist employees who's productivity in the workplace might be negatively affected by either mental health and / or personal challenges. Our Community development projects are aimed at the broader Community and focus on absent fathers, teenage parents, parenting roles and responsibilities. Please contact us on 023-3475231 for further information.