Banani Construction & Automation cc

Pretoria, South Africa



Pretoria, Tshwane, Gauteng, South Africa

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Shorrock Automation! - Shorrock Automation, founded in 1975 by Roy Shorrock and Bernard Senior, was originally known as Shorrock Senior Associates.
Downstream automation design and manufacturing company for blow moulding and injection moulding production lines. All types of conveyor systems. Bagging machines for empty plastic bottles, palletisers, assembling machines. Automation. Productive Systems has been in business since 1989. We export our equipment across the globe.
PNEUMATRON specializes in solenoid valves & Electric Motorized Ball Valves that are used for Liquids, Gasses and Water. We make sure that the Materials in our valves fit your Product specifications, Pressure and Voltage as close as Possible. Our Solenoid Valves are supplied NATIONALLY in South Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and even remote Farms. We serve a wide customer base from SA Breweries, Chemical Industries, Hatcheries, Heavy Industries, Waterworks, Domestic Water Tanks, Custom Built Customer applications, Irrigation and Geyser Systems.
IAC is a leading distributor in SA of Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet products, Mobotix HiRes IP Cameras, Eyevis Large Screen Vision Systems, Lumberg Automation Connectivity Solutions, Korenix Ethernet Switches, Infinova IP and Analog Cameras, Iluminar Infra Red and White Lights, Exus Network Storage Systems and QNap Network Surveillance products. IACís range includes Industrial Ethernet switches, unmanaged and managed switches, firewall systems and wireless LAN (WLAN) , digital network cameras, Ethernet cameras, IP network cameras, Analog cameras, IP security cameras, Illuminators, Large Screen Display, DLP Display Cubes, LCD Displays, Video Walls, network storage devices, network video recorders, DVR's, NVR's and industrial connectors and distribution boxes.
Native Circuit Elements (NCE) is a consumer electronics assessment and repair company. We specialise in repairs of audio-visual appliances, kitchen appliances, and computers of all makes. We also specialise in data recovery, and software related faults. NCE was created to bridge the gap between the service expected and the service delivered. We put emphasis on speed and quality of repairs. We primarily operate in the Johannesburg metro and West Rand areas, however, we will consider requests outside our areas of operation on a per-case basis.