Danube Delta Investment


+40 72 384 9064

Bucharest, Romania
Our company owns an investment in a state of conservation in the Danube Delta - Romania, on an area of 736 hectares (1819 acres) , land leased for a period of 45 years ( 2007-2052 ) valued at 7. 36 million EUR, business that we sell only at half price, at 3. 5 million EUR, about 5. 000 EUR / hectarea. This is an exceptional price compared to other similar offerings that range between 30, 000 euros and 200, 000 euros / hectare. If our offer is not right for you we would appreciate if you would recommend a potential customer to buy our bussiness and develop activities listed below or make real estate speculation, and we would be honored to offer you a commission of 10% of the value of the transaction.



Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania

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