Scam alert

Be wary of unsolicited calls

Businesses of all sizes should be on alert for fake invoices for supposed listings in saYellow. While it can be easy to fall for this particular scam, it can also be easy to spot if you know your stuff. You should first do your homework each time you receive an unsolicited invoice for something you don't recognize.

Many of our advertisers have been solicited by people claiming to be Directory Consultants for saYellow when they are not. This type of fraud may be disguised as a solicitation for an update of an existing advertising product, or to verify and update a company's contact information or for a new listing on saYellow. These Consultants are not linked with saYellow, and we do not have any other third party representatives.

Please note that the following businesses are not affiliated or associated with saYellow and are not authorised to contact customers on our behalf:

  • SSKR Madiba Trading (Pty) Ltd t/a Directory Data Services
  • SA Yellow Directory
  • SA Yellow Directories South Africa
  • Teledialkom Directory
  • Telecom Directory

Please be aware that saYellow will never use a Gmail, Hotmail or email address.

Anyone who believes they might be the target of this scam please contact saYellow at (082) 515-1051 or send an email to Customer Support.