Bigen Africa - Pretoria (Head Office)
The Innovation Hub Pretoria, Allan Cormack Street, Pretoria, South Africa
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Our alternative approach to infrastructure development and our focus on African solutions through an appropriate product offering aimed at addressing the economic challenges the continent faces, is a huge differentiator. Bigen responds to the social and economic development needs on the continent of Africa by offering Financial, Technical, Environmental, Socio-economic and Institutional services across the Real Estate, Energy, Water, Health and Transportation sectors. The pursuit of creating development impact is at the heart of the infrastructure development solutions we craft to achieve the sustainable development goals set for the African Private Sector. This desire to improve quality of life through lasting development impact underscores our vision, strategic objectives, shared values and the ways we strive to engage with our stakeholders...


Pretoria, Tshwane, Gauteng, South Africa


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