Engine Remanufacturers ' Association (Era)

South Africa

(011) 886-6300

Randburg, South Africa
ERA represents the cream of the automotive engineering industry in South Africa. ERA members use state of the art equipment and highly skilled staff to perform the full range of automotive engineering operations required to repair and overhaul all components of the modern petrol and diesel engines on our roads. Second-hand engines are available in the market, however, it is recommended that such engines are only purchased from reputable bone-fide accredited ERA members, as engines purchased from other sources often leads to premature engine failure. These engines may also not always be compatible to local conditions. ERA members supply only the finest components and highest quality of workmanship. ERA members take pride in providing warranties against workmanship appropriate to the type of engineering work undertaken. ERA prides itself on being the "Hallmark of Precision Engineering".



Randburg, Greater Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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The National Automobile Dealers' Association is a professional body representing the interests of businessmen who own / operate new vehicle motor vehicle and motorcycle franchise dealerships and qualifying used car and motorcycle only outlets in South Africa, It is dynamically committed toward the enhancement of the image of the retail motor business; facilitating the interface between dealers and the motor manufacturers who supply them; building rewarding relationships between dealers and their customers; and bringing relevant issues facing its members to the attention of government at all levels. In all forums, NADA is the fully representative and respected voice of the retail motor industry in South Africa.
Retail Motor Industry
The retail motor industry looks to the Motorcycle Dealers' Association as its mouthpiece to protect and further the interests of the motorcycle sales and service industry. The MDA has on a number of occasions successfully negotiated with government on issues relating to import taxation and traffic legislation which was seen to be prejudicial to the interests of the industry and consumers. MDA also periodically liaises with insurance companies and financial institutions with the view to negotiate better dispensations for its members. An additional important function of the Association is to liaise extensively with the Association of Motorcycle Importers and Distributors, where MDA represents the interests of dealers during discussions with South Africa`s major motorcycle importers. Accredited membership of MDA allows proprietors to display the RMI Code of Conduct through which it is undertaken to provide products and services at a fair and reasonable price, and to honour bot
The Automotive Component Remanufacturer's Association (ACRA) represents component remanufacturers involved in both the remanufacture of safety critical components and radiators. ACRA's objectives include the promotion and protection of the interests of the motoring public and members. The RMI / ACRA accreditation programme ensures that all members meet the standards and criteria set by ACRA and members pledge to both the RMI Code of Conduct and ACRA's Code of Business Practice. The remanufacture of safety critical components is a growing industry and ACRA has identified the need for the development of specialised training courses for technicians and operators in the component remanufacturing industry. ACRA has a close working relationship with the South African Bureau of Standards dealing with all issues pertinent to members.
SADFIA represents the highly specialized diesel fuel injection sector of the motor industry, more specifically the repair and reconditioning of diesel fuel injection pumps for both passenger and commercial vehicles. A number of SADFIA members are also involved in the supply, installation and maintenance of turbo-chargers. SADFIA members use high technology and expensive equipment coupled with highly skilled staff to attend to all your fuel injection needs. SADFIA members take pride in providing warranties against workmanship appropriate to the type of work undertaken. For peace of mind always use an RMI / SADFIA accredited member! Accreditation is intended to create awareness within the industry for both dealers and the consumer. Consumers need to know that they are receiving a fair and quality service, are charged fair prices and have the RMI Code of Conduct as a backup should a dispute situation arise with a dealer.