Stanler Farms - Cape Town

Klipheuwel Road
Cape Town
South Africa

(021) 975-1724

Klipheuwel Road, Fisantekraal, Cape Town, South Africa
Stanler Farms is a family run business established in 1975. It is a third-generation company that operates in the Western Cape and in Gauteng. When it first began, Stanler Farms initially concentrated on cattle and maize-farming, but in 1985, the owners were approached by one of the largest mushroom producers in South Africa with the proposal that they recycle the spent compost. Stanler Farms is now one of the leading producers of mushroom compost, which is a highly-perfected mixture of kraal manure, wheat straw, and peat. This mixture helps mushrooms to grow in record time, and once the mushrooms are harvested, Stanler Farms takes the remaining compost and creates outstanding organic products. The compost is high in all the necessary nutrients that gardens need to flourish and thrive. As well as this amazing product, the nursery in Cape Town also sells topsoil, lawn dressing, potting soil, bark mulch, decorative stones, and much more. Their products all meet the highest standards...



Northern Suburbs, Cape Town, Cape Metropole, Western Cape, South Africa

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