Terminus Street, Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town, Cape Metropole, Western Cape, South Africa


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Pulse TrainingView
World class fire and emergency training and education. Our programmes are accredited and aligned with the STCWstandard codes (SAMSA) , to SAQA unit standards and department of labour first aid standards
  Cape Town
Action Training Academy - Cape TownView
NOSA offers over 50 safety, health, environmental and quality training courses, and is the exclusive provider of SAMTRAC and NOSA Five Star Grading System.
  Cape Town
St John - Cape Town CentreView
It's a simple fact that a practical knowledge of first aid can save lives. Whether it's a HWSETA or Department of Labour accredited first aid course you need as required by your employer or studies, or you just want to be prepared for emergencies at home or play, St John is able to offer you an innovative training course ensuring you receive hands-on knowledge that will make a difference in an emergency
  Cape Town