Nutritional Solutions

Greyston Mews
134 Grayston Drive
South Africa

(011) 023-8051  /   (011) 023-8052

Greyston Mews, 134 Grayston Drive, Sandown, Sandton, South Africa
Nutritional Solutions is a company with registered dietitians with solid nutritional knowledge and degrees to prove it. Nutritional Solutions can advise you in many aspects from nutrition to baby feeding, cooking classes, consultations or even corporate offerings.



Sandton, Greater Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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HCG Diet System
Sandton, South Africa
The HCG diet is available as weight loss injections (hcg injections) or as weight loss drops (hcg oral drops) the choice is yours and they cost the same. Many people balk at taking hcg injections, preferring oral HCG drops. So you don't need to worry you can buy hcg drops here as well. Whilst some prefer to buy weight loss drops I find that the majority do prefer to buy hcg injections. We have thousands of satisfied clients who have used the HCG weight loss system.
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Slimworx we offer the following, diet plans, hair- and skincare and a complete makeover for those who are looking to change more than just their weight. We use your age, height, weight, body shape and activity level to determine the best solution to meet your goals. Every Client is Unique. At Slimworx every client becomes a friend. 0ur main goal is to help each client achieve their unique goals and see them transform into the best version of themselves. We love helping people make a lifestyle change and seeing them reach their full potential. www. slimworxx. com
Ms A Van den Berg
Sandton, South Africa
Miss Samantha Bunting (S)
Sandton, South Africa
Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Weight Loss, Lifestyle Councelling, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Infant & Childhood Nutrition
Meal Wise
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Meal Wise is a company that focuses on healthy eating with the goal to assist people have a healthier lfestyle. In doing so, Meal Wise prepares pre-packaged meals, that follows a balanced diet with no preservatives and a high concentration of nutritious food. This saving you plenty of time you would have spent preparing your meal
Dr A Branfield
Johannesburg, South Africa
Sports Physician