LIWU Martial Arts

Hout Bay
Cape Town
South Africa

(021) 813-5813

Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Learn the ancient art of Kung fu and become a true warrior. Train with the current SA champion in a variety of styles. Learn about meditation, the art of fighting and self defence.



Hout Bay, Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town, Cape Metropole, Western Cape, South Africa


Contact Person
Chris Everitt

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Fish Hoek Aikido
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The 'gentle' martial art uses the force of an attacker to neutralise a conflict situation with joint locks & throws. This Japanese grappling art is suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities. Fifth Dan Aikikai Instructor Bruce Allemann teaches Mondays and Wednesdays. Beginners welcome. Children Ages 9-14 only. Wednesdays: 18h15-19h15 (re starting 2021) Adults 14 and older. Mondays: 18h15-19h45 & Wednesdays: 19h15-20h45
Hoerikwaggo Aikido Centre @UCT
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We practice and teach a traditional form of AIKIDO, the Japanese martial art, also known as Art of Spiritual Harmony. We are the oldest club in South Africa having celebrated more than 4 decades since our establishment in 1976! Join us on the tatami for a physical, mental and spiritual discipline that will settle you to more calmly cope with the stresses and challenges of everyday life too.
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