Leon Strydom Biokineticist

Diamantveld High School
South Africa

(084) 506-5196

Diamantveld High School, Belgravia, Kimberley, South Africa
Category: Biokinetics



Kimberley, Frances Baard District, Northern Cape, South Africa

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Consulting Biokineticist; Fatigue Management and Fitness for Work Specialist & Better Sleep Solutions; BSS Africa Clinical Director
Health & Fitness Hub
Centurion, South Africa
The Health & Fitness Hub (HFH) is your one stop shop for exercise fitness classes and Biokinetics exercise therapy all under one roof. At HFH we strive to assist you in achieving your very own health and fitness goals and have fun at the same time, because lets get real, who ever stuck to something that wasn't enjoyable or had no real benefit. The HFH was created for the core purpose of providing expert exercise fitness and exercise therapy services to a broad spectrum of people ranging from your newbies to exercise, highly fit individuals and those who may be struggling with a particular injury (i. e. muscle strain, joint sprain) or condition (i. e. Diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer) . As exercise professionals our goal is not only to improve your physical state of well-being but also your mental state so lets get those endorphins flowing and de-stress.
Meraki In Motion Wellness Center
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Meraki In Motion Meraki in Motion is a tranquil Wellness Center in Brackenhurst that brings like-minded practitioners and therapists together to assist our clients on their journey to wellness by promoting a balance between body mind and soul, and our surrounding environment. Our sanctuary is yours. At Meraki in Motion Wellness Center you are able to address your wellbeing holistically, in all aspects of your body, mind and soul. Our doctors and practitioners and therapists are able to offer you the best treatments and assist you by providing educational programs, coaching and support to assist you in making lifestyle changes that may prevent future illness. Serving your needs is our main focus, and helping you achieve your health goals is our greatest reward. We are here to support you on your journey to holistic wellbeing.
Karien Gouws Biokineticist
Paarl, South Africa
Dr Karien Gouws has been in private practice for 22 years. She started her career as Biokineticist at the Institute of Sport Research at the University of Pretoria. She was involved as Biokineticist of professional tennis coaches as well as the International Tennis Federation and traveled to Wimbledon in 1999. She completed her Doctoral degree "Prevention and Rehabilitation of Shoulder injuries" in 2006. Services available at the practice in Paarl: Rehabilitation of sport injuries, Pre- and post operation rehabilitation, weight management programmes, exercise during pregnancy, postural analysis, sport specific testing and exercise prescription.
Dan Grobler Biokineticist
Cape Town, South Africa
A Biokineticists can be thought of as a specialised exercise therapist that functions in professional alliance to health and medicine
At Dhansay and Roberts Biokineticists we rehabilitate injuries using exercise to improve function and decrease pain. Since 2014 our practice has been developing our knowledge and skills in the treatment of overuse injuries, injuries post-surgery and other traumatic injuries. Depending on the type of injury, we will intervene at different stages of the rehab process. If in doubt, contact us so we can help you make an informed decision about the correct healthcare professional to see for your injury.