Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa
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City Bowl, Cape Town, Cape Metropole, Western Cape, South Africa


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Serina TradingView
Serina trading is a South African distributor of kaolin, calcium carbonate, talc, bentonite and zeolite. Drawing on more than 15 years experience, the staff at Serina trading can offer the right grade for your application.
  Cape Town
Checa CeramicsView
Ceramic Decor Studio
Jeremy Dubber PotteriesView
Jeremy Dubber Potteries was established in 1986. We supply all materials and equipment needed for a pottery hobby or business. Jeremy Dubber Potteries manufacture a wide range of pottery clays and casting slips using the best raw materials and manufacturing process available. Jeremy Dubber Potteries manufacture a unique range of reliable wide-firing glazes. We also manufacture, retail and service pottery equipment like kilns, potters wheels, pugmills and blungers.
  East London