GNLD Neolife
2 Ayrshire Avenue, Longmeadow Business Estate, Lethabong, South Africa
I invite you to change your shopping habits! Get rewarded for buying wholesale and save. Get rewarded when you refer others to do the same. GNLD Neolife, is a company who cares about your health and the environment. We have a wide range of life changing products, which consists of cleaning products, supplements, beauty and weight loss products. Our cleaning products are safe on the environment and safe for you to use in your home and to run a cleaning business. Reduce the number of different cleaning products by changing over to GNLD Neolife. Supplements which are based on the human food chain, consisting of fruit, vegetables and fish. With the aid of science, these supplements help the body to recover at cellular level. Our supplements are safe to use by the whole family. Take care of bone, joint and muscle health. Take care of brain, digestive and heart health. Are ready for change?


Lethabong, East Rand, Gauteng, South Africa


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