15 Kariba Street, Powerville, Vereeniging, South Africa
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We are a civil, surface, and quarry blasting Company, a team of professional blasting contractors and we offer specialized drilling and blasting services.


Vereeniging, Sedibeng, Gauteng, South Africa


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Drilling and blasting of rock, concrete slabs, trenches, swimming pools, Boulders. Explosive and chemical rock breaking blasting free quotes
Rock Breaking Demolitions ccView
Rock Breaking Demolitions cc is a family owned company which has been open for over 13 years, We have Branches in Jhb and Cape town. We specialise in restricted blasting, Specialised Rock breaking, civil blasting, quarry blasting and pipe Jacking. We have all the solutions to any rock problem
HT SolutionsView
HT Solutions is a drilling and blasting company, The company specializes on all forms of blasting and rock breaking. We do trenches, boulders, swimming pools, roads, construction and all civil blasting by means of explosives, chemicals or jackhammers, with significant experience in conducting blasting operations within close proximity of sensitive and public areas.