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2 Jabulani, 113 13th Avenue, Beyers Park, Boksburg, South Africa
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Repair, Restoration & Servicing of Grandfather, Mantelpiece & Wall Clocks to their original glory is our passion. Clocks which are part of the family long before and since our childhood days and which are now no longer working are brought 'back to life', They will then tick away and chime again bringing back very fond memories. A clock which chimes in a home whilst guests are present send out a distinct welcoming message as 'Big Ben' does when walking the streets of London. Pay us a visit and let's bring that clock you cherish 'back to life'. On the other hand it's advisable to give a clock a proper service every 3 - 5 years depending on the environment it is functioning in, so as to ensure it functions properly and to extend its life. We also often notice that the woodwork casings of the clocks we repair or service are neglected which has caused the wood to dry out and spoils its beautifull appearance. This we also correct by treating the wood properly. Best regards MassCreations SA


Boksburg, East Rand, Gauteng, South Africa


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