Cape Town, South Africa
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The Cape Medical Response Group is a private, highly professional emergency medical response service that provides dedicated advanced-life-support paramedic and ambulance services to the Far South community of Cape Town's South Peninsula. CMR Ambulance Services provides 24-hour Advanced Life-Support Ambulance services to Cape Town’s South Peninsula. For 24-hour patient transfers or transport, please contact 0861 782-333. For 24-hour emergency medical response, please call the CMR 24-hour number on 082 782-4444.


Cape Town, Cape Metropole, Western Cape, South Africa


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24-HOUR Emergency Medical Response

24-HOUR Patient Transfers

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South African Paramedic ServicesView
South African Paramedic Services was established in 1999 as a sister company to Western Cape Paramedic Services (WCPS) , a private ambulance company which grew to become a major player in the local emergency services industry as well as a significant presence nationwide. The South African Paramedic Services is also a member of the South African Private Ambulance and Emergency Services Association. SAPAESA is responsible for ensuring standards are met in the industry.
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Emergency ambulance service
  Cape Town
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Services offered:* medical and trauma response- from Grotto Bay to Veldrif (Incuding Darling and Hopefield)* local ambulance transfers* inter hospital transfers (Springbok to Cape Town and any hospital between)* events and medical Standby's* first aid training* first aid kits