7 Krige Street, Ridgeway, Johannesburg South, South Africa


Johannesburg South, Greater Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa


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Johnson People DevelopmentView
SMME Templates, Forms & Compliance Documents (Service, HR & OHS) We design and sell mandatory business documents for HR (Leave, Overtime, Employment Contract / Applications, etc. ) , OHS (Accredited Training Manuals - Firefighting-First Aid, Evacuation Procedure / Forms, etc. ) and Service Aids (Training Manual + Service Standards, Customer Surveys, etc. ) .
  Johannesburg South
Brilliant LinkView
We have won 16 awards as a Sage business partner over our 18 years serving South African business and continue to work hard at providing the best service and support in the industry. Thanks to our incredible Brilliant Link team, we were recently awarded the Customer Retention Partner 2019 by Sage in recognition of our industry-leading customer service and resulting customer loyalty. We were also recognized in the Sage Business Partner Programme for 2019 as a direct result of our continued sales of Sage 200 Evolution software into the South African market
Harbour & AssociatesView
Shelf Companies, Trusts, Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Business Plans and Business Services. Harbour & Associates offers a variety of shelf companies from just the basic company (along with free Tax Clearance, B-BBEE certificate and 6 months bookkeeping) to others including companies already VAT registered, some with Import / Export licence and others which are tender ready with WCC registration, BEE certificate and Tax Clearance. We also issue B-BBEE certificates for companies with less than R10m turnover and for majority black owned companies with less than R50m turnover. As Chartered Accountants and Professional Engineers, we offer a full backup service including business support (registrations, bookkeeping, tax, payroll) , business plans and loan applications and unlimited free one-on-one discussions and advice relating to your business.