Adriaanse & Associates Physiotherapists
Panorama Healthcare Centre, 2nd Floor, Anodyne Pain Clinic, 60 Hennie Winterbach Street, Panorama, Cape Town, South Africa
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We at Adriaanse and Associates, registered physiotherapists firmly believe this, and strive everyday to help our clients live more fulfilled and rich lives and to get them back to what matters most in life. When you see one of the physiotherapists at Adriaanse and Associates, you can be rest assured that you're not just a number.


Northern Suburbs, Cape Town, Cape Metropole, Western Cape, South Africa


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Lindsay Hattingh PhysiotherapyView
We strive to provide a highly professional service within a caring environment, keeping your total well being in mind.
  Cape Town
Rina JC Otto PhysiotherapyView
Physiotherapy practice with a difference where you are the VIP! Owner operated- you receive the benefits of individual treatment performed by the same person every time, a b. Sc physio with over 30 years of experience and post graduate certifications in various fields. Orthopedics, Pediatrics, neurology, women's health, sports therapy and various treatment and exercise approaches (NDT, Feldenkrais, PNF, Triggerpoint, rife, laser, infrared and Orthopedic manipulative therapy i. E. Joint mobilisations such as Maitland, Mulligan and butler Neurodynamic mobilisation, myofascial release, deep massage therapy ETC.) Problems with pain, stiffness, coordination, baby or child development, neurological disorders like CP, stroke, Parkinson's or the desire to function more efficiently or effectively will be addressed with a professional and caring attitude in a warm and comforting environment with easy, free parking and wheelchair access. You are invited to come and experience the VIP Differ
Lisa Radomsky BSC (Physio) U.c.tView
Lisa Radomsky established her practice in 1993. Conveniently situated in Sea Point, Cape Town with ample parking and wheelchair access. The practice has highly skilled, experienced physiotherapists and massage therapist.
  Cape Town