Accredited Debt Counselling Services

16 Daly Street
Cannon Hill
South Africa

(041) 992-5064

16 Daly Street, Cannon Hill, Kariega, South Africa



Kariega, Nelson Mandela Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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We aim to assist clients that is in financial difficulty and work out one affordable payment plan to all creditors monthly. We lower your installment and negotiate interest rates on your behalf. You will have peace of mind as you will be having Legal Protection with us. Make the call today to see the difference. 2 x In house Debt Counsellors, Registered with the NCR and a member a DCASA. Our business is in excess of 10 years in operation.
Corporate Debt Collection Services
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Able Tracers & Debt Collectors
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Able Tracers & Debt Collectors was founded in 1965 and specializes in the collecting of unpaid debts of high and low value from individuals to commercial entities throughout the world. Based in Port Elizabeth. we offer our clients an efficient debt collection service ranging from sending letters to successfully processing legal claims through the South African Magistrates Courts, if necessary. For the last 38 years we have offered our clients a wide-range of services and constantly and innovatively challenged all obstacles and excuses offered by debtors and by doing so, adding necessary pressure to get paid. We are performance driven - working purely on a collection commission basis that is predetermined prior to the debt collection process.
Debt Salvation
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
We are Your debt free solution. We offer Debt Relief. Debt Salvation Will Negotiate An Affordable Repayment & Protect You from Your Credit Providers. You Will Make One Single Payment to all your Creditors. Keep your assets and avoid being blacklisted.
Bay Debt Counselling
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
We assist people to go under debt review. Debt review is something that Government brought in in 2007 to assist over-indebted people. This is a wonderful tool to safeguard your assets and takes away the feeling of constantly being stressed about your finances. There is an upfront fee of R350. 00 for the application. The fees will be explained, but there will be no further payments from your pocket besides your monthly payments which, if you are over-indebted and you choose to go under debt review, will be reduced from the first month.
DebtFin Consultants
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Are you struggling with bad debt, then we are the company to assist. Friendly reliable assistance. We service all nine provinces.