Santpoorterplein 1

+31 62 434 5626

Santpoorterplein 1, Haarlem, Netherlands
Consistently becoming the choice of many, Deplanu is a relaxed cafe restaurant in Herlem where outstanding food and fine wine meet. The chefs at the restaurant blend exceptional service with uncompromising quality while displaying no unnecessary formality linked with a trendy dining style. Situated in the city's heart, the restaurant is perfect for celebrations. You can enjoy your birthday, anniversary, achievements, promotions, surprises, baby's first birthday, and more. After all, it is an elegant place to build joyous moments with your family and friends. While the ambiance is quite pleasant, visiting this restaurant means you are having a tranquil break from your hectic schedule for a while. And that is a must! What Does Food Menu Say? The menu is full of contemporary meals and is characterized by fresh ingredients and uncomplicated flavors meticulously sourced by the master chefs to represent the iconic dinner restaurant in Herlem.
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Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands

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