Kildare, Leinster, Ireland

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ProCleanup Service is a professional cleaning company in Ireland that you can count on. Here at ProCleanup Cleaning Service, we understand that everyone's needs are different and so offer a range of cleaning services to suit all. From deep-cleaning your home from top to bottom to window-washing and carpet-cleaning, we have you covered! We use only the latest and most effective equipment and products in our work, so you can be assured that your property will be left looking and smelling fresh and new. Contact us today to generate a quote with us! Visit: https: / / procleanupcleaning. com /
Drain & Sewer Cleaning
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Cavan, Ulster, Ireland

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Are you a proud owner of a Mercedes-Benz? Looking for a reliable mechanic to upgrade its performance? Well, end your search at Top Motor. We are a team of qualified and skilled mechanics specialising in diagnostics, repair, and accessory and body upgrades. We have over 15 years of hands-on experience working on Mercedes models and are fully aware of their functioning. Whether you need a complete engine check-up or automatic gearbox repair, we are the name you can trust for a quality job. We use the best tools and methods to safely repair the systems and restore your car to its original condition. We also specialise in ambient lighting upgrades, steering wheel upgrades and more. So, why wait? Call us now!
Vehicle Repair & Service Centres
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Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

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Being a pet parent is a blessing. Having someone with whom you can play and enjoy your activities is a whole different feeling. But, when our pet gets sick, it troubles us. That's why we at Donnybrook Vets provide personalised pet care through a wide range of veterinary services. Whether your kitty is feeling irritated or your dog injured himself, our experienced and friendly vets can provide the best care. We are a leading pet clinic in Dublin offering a range of services. From vaccinations and consultations to microchipping and surgery, we specialise in all. You can trust us for pet care services as we are registered with the Veterinary Council of Ireland. So, wait no more. Book your appointment now!
Veterinary Hospitals & Clinics
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Celbridge, Leinster, Ireland

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The Lonergan Group ethos Founded in 1998 by our CEO Louise Lonergan. We boast over 23 years experience and offer an unmatched professional experience tailored to your needs and solutions. The Lonergan Group manages all of the administration and logistics to make sure you get the result you desire on time, every time. We fully admit customer loyalty programmes for you so that you can improve return on finance and retention with lifetime values your competitors will be envious. Strategic gifting is the vehicle for you to deliver your key messages.
Business Services
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Athenry, Connaught, Ireland

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You may have seen polygraph tests being administered when prosecuting someone in a television show or movie. However, this is a true test, not a simulation. This test is designed to verify the truth and to distinguish between the guilty and the innocent. If done correctly, it is considered to have an accuracy rating of 95 to 96 percent. And it is our goal at IPS Ireland to provide you with properly qualified staff who are up to speed on the newest advancements in line with procedure and who are also knowledgeable about the machines and equipment. So, if you want a polygraph examination in Belfast, Dublin, or Cork, please do not hesitate to call us.
Lie Detection & Polygraph Tests
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Ballysheedy, Munster, Ireland

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Are you looking for a reputable location to disassemble your old set of wheels? We're happy you found us! Because we have doing this since 2001, you can trust that we will do the task carefully and precisely. While disassembling cars, we make sure to adhere to all necessary environmental protection requirements. We also serve as a repository for good-quality, in-good-working-order spare parts, so if you're looking for one and can't seem to find it elsewhere, chances are strong that we have it. We have just about everything to make working on your automobile a little bit easier, whether you are an auto mechanic or a working professional.
Automotive Engineering & Mechanical Repairs
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Cork, Munster, Ireland

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Do you have a tonne of clothing in your closet but still feel uninspired by your choices or succumb to the "I don't have anything in my closet" dilemma? Then using the Color and Image Academy's services will be quite beneficial to you. More than just a one-on-one shopping experience, Joan Cashman offers her customers the resources they need to rebuild and revitalize their sense of personal style and identity. You may make sure that going forward every article of clothing you choose flatters your figure, and skin tone, and that you are dressed for success by using color analysis, style sessions, and other tools. So act quickly and get in touch with us now.
Image Consultants
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