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We, Hintel Technology Singapore, are as Solution Partner, New Generation POS System Manufacturer and Supplier in market, and provide POS Solutions / Products to POS industry partners. Hintel POS products are high quality POS systems that comply with higher market requirements such as USA & Europe market, and that have also passed their consumer product safety requirements. And Hintel POS Solutions are all-in-one POS hardware / software systems, much more distinguished from conventional POS systems, and very highly competitive over the system stability, reliability and cost performance in the market. Hintel POS Solutions adopt the eco-friendly and cost-effective product design that let business merchants run their business more easily at lower operating expenses. And for more info you can visit us on line at http: / / www. hintel-tech. com / , which is very informative about Hintel's POS Technologies, Products, and Business Partnerships & Services etc. Welcome to inquire and cooperate