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Hey there! Did you know to spay or neutering your furry friend can positively impact their long-term health and behaviour? Spaying can reduce the risk of breast cancer and uterine infections for female dogs, while neutering male dogs can decrease the likelihood of prostate disease and testicular cancer. Sterilisation also helps prevent unwanted litters, managing the population of stray dogs and contributing to the problem of pet overpopulation. Sterilised dogs tend to be less territorial, less likely to roam and engage in problem behaviours such as marking and excessive barking. Minor side effects, such as mild pain and lethargy post operation, typically subside within a few days. Overall, sterilisation is a recommended practice for dogs and is critial responsible pet ownership.
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Ketto is an online crowdfunding platform, where you can raise funds with good intentions, whether it be a personal issue, a social cause, or a natural calamity, you can trust us to raise funds securely. The company came into being in December 2012 by Varun Sheth, Kunal Kapoor, and Zaheer Adenwala. You can start your fundraiser with us in no time. It's easy and quick. To begin with, you have to share some basic details about you and the person or cause you are raising funds for. To get the much-needed support you need to share the campaign with your friends and family. You can also leverage the power of social media to spread the word and appeal to the masses. In no time, support would start pouring in, which you can withdraw directly into your bank account hassle-free. Millions of people have taken to fundraising with our support. What are you waiting for? Get your cause served through us!
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