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We are dedicated to assisting the scientific community by publishing important findings and improving inter-scientific communication. At POL Scientific, we are always looking for methods to accelerate scientific advancement and aim for openness and open communication, allowing information to be freely and openly available to everybody.
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EOS Med Chem build in 2008, 2018 Obtained third-party venture capital, 10 million US dollars. Now EOS Med Chem have one R & D about 1000, in Jinan Life Science Park. One GMP standard plant in Shanghe country, National Biopharmaceutical Park. Approved by TEVA, HIKMA, CIPLA, SUNPHARMA, WUXIAPP and some others. EOS Med Chem from the 2008 is aim to be World top CMO supplier, now TOP100 Pharma company, EOS Med Chem is serving 35. Mid-Size Pharma company more than 100. Lab company more than 500. EOS Med Chem is TOP in New Drug Intermediates, like Clinical Phase II, III Intermediates, GMP Custom synthesis, DMF filling, I am big. Each year, EOS Med Chem synthesis more than 500 new compounds, building blocks more than 30000 in stock, more than 100000 we have skill. Delivery in the same day. Cancer, ophthalmology, neurological, rheumatism, immunity Intermediates, EOS Med Chem is China TOP. All Intermediates from my own GMP plant, Site Audit is ok. DMF is ok. Until 2020, EOS Med Chem
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