Innovative Glass Design
14 Field Street, Wilbart, Germiston, South Africa
Innovative glass and crystal trophies and sanblasting - sanblasters, trophies, crystal, glass trophies design in Cape Town and Johannesburg. We are excited to announce that we are now the proud owners of the new Cubex 3d printing system and are able to offer great renditions of logos and 3d models, which can then be moulded and cast into spectacular trophies. We have a full on spray painting division with work that surpasses excellence. We have a metal polishing and cutting department, a resin moulding and casting department, one of our newer additions, which now enables us to mould a specific item for a customer and then cast it for them with a choice of finishes. We do our own engraving, and are specialised sandblasters, including 3d and textured sandblasting for use on crystal and glass trophies, allowing finishers that give the trophies an extra depth with nice clean lines. We have all the knowledge of the past 25 years and added to that new, young and forward seeing artists



Germiston, East Rand, Gauteng, South Africa


Cape Town Office

Johannesburg Office