Church House
Sandkraal, Tembelethu, George, South Africa
Known as the Church House, the Thembalethu house and the three-hectare property surrounding it, has developed into a multi-purpose facility where several projects provide food and employment to otherwise helpless families. The project offers local, mainly unemployed, people to plant a 28mē vegetable garden. Trainers Enoch Zakade and Nwabisi Make train newcomers to prepare the ground, plant and harvest the vegetables. Vegetable seeds are being provided by the National Development Agency, which support the project substantially. Vegetables are grown organically, using wheelbarrows of cow manure provided by livestock that are allowed to graze on a part of the property. Roaming chickens are the only pest control being used. If a particular family stops tending to their garden, the space is allocated to someone else on a very long waiting list. Except for the satisfaction of growing your own food and the obvious benefits of fresh vegetables, the families also sell excess vegetable...


George, Garden Route District, Western Cape, South Africa

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