Reach & Wash Window Cleaning - East London
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4A Edge Road, Beacon Bay North, East London, South Africa
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We specialise in High-Reach, High-tech cleaning of building glass. See description below. We are also *Certified* for Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Disinfection, Fogging using ULV Fog Machines. Our Eco-friendly system uses ultra-purified water, and no chemicals to bring your glass to a spectacularly crystal clear finish! No more hazy, murky view. Simply the cleanest windows and building glass you've ever had! We don't use expensive Scaffolding. Our highly specialised carbon-fibre telescopic poles can reach up to 5 storeys from ground level. We use mobile lifts to extend our reach to 10 storeys or more. What does this mean for you? No damage to your property, building or gardens! Other Benefits from using our services: Streak and Spot free results! No people crawling around with ladders, mops, squeegees and soap. Owner Operated - you know exactly who has access to your property! We bring our Own Water! Fully Insured! Your Windows are Our Passion - it's not just a job to us!


East London, Buffalo City, Eastern Cape, South Africa


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Monday to Friday
04:00 - 19:00
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